viernes, 14 de marzo de 2014

[ News ] Alternative Civil War , the new game from the Spanish Ghost Train Games

Hi everyone , today I would like to bring you a new thread, and is about the imminent release of a new miniatures game .

This game will have two important features , the first is that it is of Spanish production , specifically hand Ghost Train Games, a new miniatures company.

And the second is the subject thereof, a game set in the American Civil War , a subject only touched by the minority historical games , this time brought by the hand of a generous 28mm and with a great touch. This game is:
Alternative Civil War

This game offers us a very interesting atmosphere , combining the 1861 look as flashy with fantasy and steampunk , so we'll miniatures recreate atmospheres similar to those proposals will have seen many times in several movies and they would be a musk of all this:

As is logical to associate the American Civil War, will be 2 key sides, the United States and the Confederates , but also take part factions maybe something unknown to us in this contest and will play an essential role.

These factions are indigenous natives on the one hand , the remnants of Spanish Florida, handed by Ponce de León, the British, and some Russian and Chinese remnants. And also have the presence of the Aztecs.

As you can see , 8 factions with large doses of history , relevance and personality , that promise a lot of interaction and fun.

The project, already underway , and we are gradually revealing images of the thumbnails, sketches and background 
 Against the background of the game, you can find some progress here:

ACW Background
Background ACW continuation
ACW context

And for those who like the subject, you're in luck , because the guys have left us in his web of GTG a series of short stories such that:

Dixie science
The Ghost Dance

On the 22nd of this month , skip the countdown attentive crowfunding funding through kickstarter , stand , and I 'll will post more information such as the system of play, rules , videos and updates on this exciting project

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